The Childhood Obesity Index


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  • Further segmented by race/ethnicity and gender

Lincoln Center event celebrating Johnson & Johnson Gateway to a Healthy Community features National Health Index maps showing prevalence of childhood obesity within Philadelphia and other cities at the zip code level

Johnson & Johnson: October 19, 2012
The October 23rd event held at JAZZ at Lincoln Center brought civic leaders, educators, healthcare innovators, media and industry representatives together to discuss innovative approaches to combating childhood obesity.
This creative event moderated by journalist Lisa Ling highlighted the successful implementation of the Gateway to a Healthy Community ™- Healthier Kids (GHC-HK) pilot program, a public-private partnership targeting childhood obesity in schools in Atlanta, Houston, Newark and Philadelphia.
The National Minority Quality Forum is pleased to be part of this initiative by providing detailed maps that define childhood obesity prevalence by race and gender for the pilot cities.  To learn more about this exciting initiative:
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Johnson & Johnson Answers the Call to Action
to Help Combat Childhood Obesity.

Gateway to a Healthy Community™ is an enterprise-wide initiative that aims to create a world free of health disparities by helping to address un-met and under-served medical needs. Making a difference in the lives of children has always been at the core of Johnson & Johnson’s business and philanthropic legacy. Johnson & Johnson recognizes that the prevalence of childhood obesity in the United States, particularly in minority communities, poses an enormous threat to child health that will lead to major social, financial and educational burdens if not addressed.

As a result, Johnson & Johnson, in partnership with the National Minority Quality Forum, supported the development of the Childhood Obesity Index as part of the Gateway to a Healthy Community™ Initiative.

The Childhood Obesity Index is an innovative, first-of-its-kind tool that maps the prevalence of childhood obesity in communities across the United States down to the zip code level. Johnson & Johnson leveraged the Childhood Obesity Index to determine the areas of greatest need when it launched Healthier Kids, a program that is incorporated under the Gateway to a Healthy Community™ umbrella.

Johnson & Johnson is now offering the Childhood Obesity Index to the public free of charge. Johnson and Johnson believes that this important information can help local leaders, policymakers, health and medical professionals, advocacy groups, individuals and organizations to understand, and better address, the prevalence of childhood obesity in their communities.

Guided by Our Credo, and in partnership with public and private organizations in communities, we know we can achieve extraordinary outcomes to eradicate health disparities such as childhood obesity.




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